Seminar – Kathryn Rosie (SKA SA)

March 15, 2018 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
STEC Lecture Room

Title:  Building HERA – A South African Perspective


The Hydrogen Epoch of Reionization Array (HERA) is a global collaboration to construct a low-frequency radio telescope capable of making a detection of the Epoch of Reionization – the period in our universe’s history when the first stars and galaxies formed. South Africa, through SKA SA, is hosting this instrument at the SKA site in the Karoo, and is also responsible for building the reflector elements and enabling integration of the rest of the system on the site.
This presentation will give a brief overview of the instrument science goals and architecture, but then dig into the literal nuts and bolts of the construction effort in the Karoo. How does a HERA dish get built? What lessons have been learnt along the way? Where are we now? And why are there bar fridges in the desert?